Wednesday, April 6, 2011


 Welcome to my newest blog...Breeden Genealogy.  I am creating this blog because I would like to complete, if there is such a thing, my Breeden genealogy quest.  I have not gotten too far in my genealogy because I come to quite a stand-still in all directions attempted.  This blog is going to document my journey and maybe I will get some followers and we can share.  I am always willing to share the information I find!

Great-great-grandfather:  Leander Breeden                   b. April 1823
Great-grandfather:           Charles Taylor Breeden         b. Nov. 1870
Grandfather:                    Albert Lee Breeden               b. May 1896
Father:                            Lawrence Andrew Breeden   b. April 1925

The only birthday I know for certain is Lawrence's.

Hope to hear from you soon!